Election Protection is not affiliated with any political party

Protect the Vote with The American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society has partnered with Election Protection to encourage ACS members to get involved with nonpartisan voter protection this election season.

ACS Chapters are also mobilizing to engage, with a focus on Social Media Monitoring to combat cyber suppression.

We need your help to protect voters’ rights from the unprecedented threats they will face this year when trying to cast their ballot. Nonpartisan Election Protection volunteers will be voters’ first line of defense against restrictive election laws, coronavirus-related voting disruptions, or anything else that could silence their voices.

Unfortunately, voters this year will face obstacles that have no place in a modern democracy — and these impediments to voting will hit communities of color the hardest. You can make a major difference for voters in your community by signing up today by clicking below, and then filling in your information.

Click here to sign up for Election Protection with the American Constitution Society.